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About Us

We believe that software should be innovative, intuitive and inspiring.
We also believe that software products should be simple, and drive efficiency. To accomplish these, we work in small teams and short iterations with fast feedback loops.

  • You work directly with onshore team members.
  • All our team members are senior and are armed with a wealth of experience in their respective domains.
  • We integrate design thinking and put user experience first before starting any development efforts.
  • We believe in getting feedback early and often - that's why you'll be a core part of the development phase.
  • We offer our expertise at all stages of development and strive to build a long-lasting relationship based on creating value for your team.

Check out some of our recent work in our portfolio.

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Market with us

You already have an audience and a client base, but your online sales are not going up as you projected. You’re still trying to figure out how to reach and acquire more paying customers, but your old website technology is holding you back. Launching any campaign or a simple update to your website is a costly process for you, while your competition is in every social media channel and already growing their business organically. If you’re in a similar situation, let us take the technical complexity out of your website, and install a powerful Content Management Solution that will empower you to run e-mail campaigns and reach social media channels effortlessly:

  • Work with our onshore creative team to refresh your brand identity
  • Work with our expert content writers to create shareable marketing materials
  • Get a cost effective, feature packed Content Management System on the cloud
  • Get free training on how to use the CMS and run social media campaigns
  • All of these services are included in a single, customizable, cost effective package with quick turnaround time.
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Train with us

You have a legacy software product that you're supporting, and it's time for a rewrite - but your team is not up to date on newer technologies. Let our experts guide you with a training program curated specifically for your team:

  • We offer training programs with workshops geared towards beginner, intermediate and senior developers
  • Our trainers are experts in their domains, and have successfully completed numerous training sessions
  • Each training program is customized for your team and the domain you're focusing on
  • Your team leaves the training with tons of reusable materials, best practices, and hands on experience using new technologies
  • All training packages include hands-on architecture design sessions for your new initiative
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Our Toolset

At Fullstack Development, we live and breathe technology. We ensure the highest level of quality in our products and services.

We carry a wide variety of technologies in our toolbelt and we are always hungry to learn more.

Our consultants specialize in cloud-native data technologies, Java and Microsoft .NET frameworks and JavaScript (NodeJS, Angular, React, Vue)

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Fullstack Development offers software design, development and consulting services with quick turnaround time and engineering excellence.

Launch With Us

You’re busy building the next big thing with your team. You’re getting ready to disrupt an industry. Maybe your start-up is getting ready to emerge from stealth, with a big bang. Your product is still in development, and you desperately need a well polished website that communicated your vision to your audience and investors. Spend your time building your product offering, and let us handle your online presence in the best way possible:

  • Our creative team will capture your vision in an eye-catching landing page design
  • Our expert content writers will explain your product in a persuasive, inviting way
  • Our web developers will bring your vision to life with a responsive, mobile optimised website
  • Our animators will create a short, shareable video explaining your product offering
  • We will handle all the integrations, including e-mail campaigns, CRM and social media channels
  • Our SEO analysts will create a step-by-step roadmap to reach first page in your vertical
  • We will run ad campaigns at no additional charge to better understand your target audience
  • All of these services are included in a single, customizable, cost effective package with quick turnaround time.
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Develop with us

You have the next big idea – a new Software-as-a-Service product or a mobile solution that will disrupt your industry. You already started prototyping. You’re building relationships with potential investors and need a working product - fast. Let us add power to your development cycles with our expert team:

  • Our creative team builds a clickthrough prototype that you can present to your audience
  • Based on your needs, we can target any platform of your choice – Web, Android, iOS, Windows or go cross-platform
  • We actively solicit feedback from your audience through usability tests and understand what needs to be built
  • We create a roadmap and start releasing features based on a prioritized backlog
  • Already have a dev team? Our engineers can join your team and follow your Agile cadence
  • We offer our expertise at every stage of development
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Our Approach

We help you understand where you are now, and review your goals to create a clear product and branding design roadmap for your next project. Our unique approach revolves around thoroughly understanding your target market and building an outstanding, truly engaging software product that is focused on usability.

  • Discovery: Crucial to any successful implementation, discovery phase allows us to examine the project scope, existing business problems, customer goals and produce a roadmap.
  • Branding: All our solutions go through a creative branding process, where we examine the target market and create a unique brand for the solution developed.
  • Design: Our in-house design team produces assets required for a successful implementation, with as many revisions as needed.
  • Development: Our on-shore development team follows Agile Development practices with short cycles to implement your solution and get feedback quickly.
  • Metrics: We don’t stop after deployment – we track success metrics to ensure that the solution is fine-tuned until you are completely happy.
  • Support: All of our solutions have 90 day free warranty period, which can be extended with ongoing support plans.
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